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Thorin Rehkopf is a former computer and network analyst who traded in his day job to focus on his adorable daughters as a stay-at-home dad. After spending more time with his kids and seeing how limiting a life in the suburbs really was, he determined he would give his kids the world through experience.

Thorin has been traveling with his family including his wife, Kate, daughters Alex (8) and Sammi (2), and his 13-year old heeler mix pooch, Red. They are currently on the final leg of the North American tour before heading to the South Pacific for an extended stay.

Traveling with a self-proclaimed pre-teen, a toddler, and an ancient dog has its moments and provides a plethora of interesting anecdotes to follow!

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Thorin Rehkopf Thorin Rehkopf
from here, there, and everywhere

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