Advertising on Travel Generation

You will not find a more unique advertising opportunity this year. You will not find a more effective way to reach the independent travel market globally.

Travel Generation is a very fast growing website aimed at the modern independent travelller.

Travel Generation uses the structure of the “new” internet to enable travellers to combine data from totally unrelated web pages into travel plans. For example, create your holiday in Queenstown with a hotel, a ski-pass, car - all from different websites - in one plan; schedule it, map it, print it, and share it!

As users surf the Internet, they may save any page to their Travel Generation travel planning space. The Travel Generation Bookmarker then spiders that page, extracting meta data and location data for use in building their own travel plan.

Advertising on Travel Generation

As an advertiser on Travel Generation your brand is exposed to a more engaged web user than other such sites. Travel Generation users spend much longer per page than web averages and therefore are more likely to click through to your website if relevant.

Travel Generation partners with advertisers like you to develop advertising packages to match all sizes and budgets, including elements of product placement within content, use of particular images, embedded links within content, product reviews, travel writers visiting regions and products, competitions and integration through our Social Media reach. Your advertising on Travel Generation is advertising that works!

Who is a Travel Generation user?

“Hippies with iPods” - Contemporary travellers who want adventure and need technology. A generation of modern day interactive travellers for which terms such as sustainability, carbon-footprint and environment sit inconveniently yet comfortably with long haul, iPod, Bungy Jumping, party, shag and credit card. they are more likely to get off the beaten track, they want to meet locals, they embrace technology, and in particular use Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to share their travel experiences with friends and family.

Travel Generation is part of the SwuzzleBucket Advertising Network

SwuzzleBucket has available inventory covering over 400,000 ad slots across many leading websites throughout Australia and New Zealand including, and SwuzzleBucket only serves ads on travel websites and only accepts ads that are travel related. Advertisers are matched with content to improve click through rates for advertisers. You will not see ads for hotels in backpacking websites - nor adds for sex sites or computer related websites.

Approximately 55% of visitors to SwuzzleBucket websites are either in Australia or New Zealand. The bulk of the remaining 45% come from traditional backpacking markets of the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, The Netherlands, and North America. Visitors from South East Asia primarily come from Thailand and Bali.


Travel Generation Advertising Rates

Standard ad            Premium ad
125 x 125 pixels      450 x 250 pixels
NZ$4,500 p.a          NZ$1,250 pcm (extended contracts negotiable)

Or ask us about extending your advertising reach by advertising across the whole SwuzzleBucket Network! Advertorial, product placement and campaigns are price per customer.

Dan Roberts or Carmen Hagen
Phone during office hours NZ: +64 3 441 8494

Travel Generation - talking bout a generation

Travel Generation is a travel planning website based on social bookmarking technology.


Surf the Internet bookmarking any page to Travel Generation. Back in your Travel Generation travel planning account edit the meta and location information and schedule your bookmark onto a calendar to build up an itinerary and share with friends and family.

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