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Glenn Dixon is from Denton, Texas, USA

About Glenn Dixon

Glenn and Dixie are life-long Texans who looked forward to the second half of their lives and decided that they didn’t want to go the traditional route. So they took the next exit and began exploring the back roads. They began leaving things behind (literally) at every stop. First, they jettisoned their debt, then most of their belongings, then their house! In March of 2011 they left their traditional jobs behind to travel the world. They are beginning with their own back yard (America) in a car and a tent and then plan on proceeding to the rest of the world. They aren’t old enough to ‘retire’ yet so they are taking advantage of various location-independent income sources to pay the bills, and are traveling as frugally and eco-friendly as possible.

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Glenn Dixon Glenn Dixon
from Denton, Texas

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