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Irma Versluijs is from , Holland, now residing in Australia.

About Irma Versluijs

Growing up in multicultural Holland, Irma has always been keen on exploring the world. She backpacked her way through Europe, Asia, Central America, Australia & New Zealand for several years, before staying put in Alice Springs Australia for a while.

This staying put lead to starting a travel shop in Alice Springs in 1997 being a place where travellers could hang out, get travel ideas and make their travel bookings. This grew out over the years to a network of 7 successful travel shops around Australia.

To allow customers to receive better prices for quality travel, Outback Travel Shop decided in 2011 to go fully online and the company is now since January 2012 continuing their success with the website offer travellers around the world access to expert travel advice on land travel around Australia and New Zealand, and Irma is always present to personally share her knowledge and travel experiences with fellow travellers.

Irma's aim is to give travellers access to the best travel advice and therefore the best travel experience around Australia & New Zealand, that one can possibly have!

Safe & Happy Travels Everyone!

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